Vernon downtown toilet hours are discriminatory

Vernon downtown toilet hours are discriminatory

LETTERS: Everybody poops and they all need somewhere to do it

No matter how smart, wealthy or deserving a group of people is, none in the history of the world have ever been able to schedule their bodily elimination functions reliably enough to only need toilet facilities during limited and/or prescribed hours of the day.

Why are we, as a whole community, denying our poorest and most vulnerable members full 24-hour access to toilets?

Do we cause them this inhuman hardship in order to magically turn them into strong, healthy, smart, contributing members of our society?

Do we do it so they will be so humiliated they will jump into action and magically get the means to pack up and go down the highway to the next town?

Do we do it to show we aren’t easy marks for shiftless transients who might want to slither into our town and put a strain on all our services if they knew they had a place to poo?

Or conversely, perhaps it is to punish those pesky rich business owners by making them clean up messes on their doorstep each morning and turn away desperate people wanting to use their facilities all day long.

It isn’t often that a city policy can be bad for both business and property owners (eg: those who are impacted daily by the raw sewage left on their properties) and the neediest citizens (eg: those who have no sanitary place to carry out basic bodily functions).

Providing services costs money. If a 24 hour washroom needs 24 hour attendants with back up security so be it.

—April Sheehan, Vernon