Vernon reader says reschedule events, not time

Skip Daylight Saving Time

Twenty years ago mine was a lone voice crying into the wilderness that we were celebrating the Millennium a year too soon. Now, against overwhelming odds, “I’m baack.”

Why didn’t we retain Daylight Savings Time 70 years ago when all this began? Why do you think we revert to Standard Time each fall? The answer is that the experiment was tried one winter and it was discovered that our kids were going to school in the dark – for two months. By checking the sunrise chart for December and January, it will be noticed that a Daylight Savings Time sunrise would be at 9 a.m. in Vancouver – a little earlier in the Interior.

If we want to retain a semblance of DST, perhaps we could do as Newfoundland does and split the difference.

Otherwise, stay on Standard Time all year and have those summer barbeques an hour earlier.

— Terry, Vernon