A big, comfy couch

With a cozy blanket tucked around my neck, and my toes curled under the bottom of the soft material, nestled into the fabric of a couch, I am in napper’s heaven.

  • Jan. 22, 2011 8:00 p.m.

With a cozy blanket tucked around my neck, and my toes curled under the bottom of the soft material, nestled into the fabric of a couch, I am in napper’s heaven.

I love sleeping on a couch with a soft blanket — not all evening, just napping, dozing off reading a book or watching TV. There is something about those naps that are so comfortable and pleasing. I started this couch-napping on my mother’s red crushed velvet sectional. Yes, an extra large red crushed velvet sectional. Someone who stayed at our house regularly gave it to her. She accepted, we groaned, and curled in. Three of us could stretch out on it with Chief, the bull mastif, often in the middle.

There are certain pieces of furniture meant to be shared and a couch like a table is one of them. When my youngest was a baby, (soon to be 19 — wah) his brother and I spent many hours on the couch. I would nurse the baby and read to his brother so he, too, got Mom’s attention. It was an interesting balancing act and a very loving time. Comfort was always important and the couches we have had over the years have been very accommodating. Many times, two kids have been stretched out on them, or Mom with two kids, or sometimes four kids. Or Mom lying down with a child tucked in close and safe.

Our couches have also been used as wrestling mats, the cushions used for forts, blockades, trampolines, regrouping spaces, dining tables, libraries, towers, numerous places for imaginary play and they have never been white. Not all activities were with adult supervision. The pieces were comfortable, practical and washable and made for soft landings. We read numerous stories on the couch and then often the kids could act them out, or always ask for more. Now they house their friends for crashing.

Furniture is my most recent hobby. I love to look at items in stores and online. I like to re-finish pieces, am trying to learn upholstery, and to look at ways to bring new life to old pieces. There is a great look with mixing new pieces that are functional, comfortable with antiques. Solid wood bureaus, tables, shelving. I won’t go into my interest in chairs as there are some who are concerned it borders on fetish. I am keenly waiting for warmer weather so that garage sales will be up and running again and can continue to find very affordable interesting pieces.

No matter what I am looking at when I start to imagine placing it in a room, an image of two energetic young fellas come to mind and I wonder is this furniture for daily living? Or will it sit in a room, never used, like my friend Maureen’s parents’ living room furniture when we were kids? They covered it with plastic to make sure it was never used. Unless the parents were away and then we were goof balls, lying on it, sitting in weird positions, ever so daring.

Again I revisit a couch; many romances may have started on a couch as two young lovers, or older, may be sitting together on a couch, chatting, watching a movie, enjoying each other’s company, comfortable together.

Cuddling, being together, whether with your darling, your children, your best friends, whether you are watching television, enjoying a beautiful view out the windows, sitting by a fireplace; if on your couch I hope that you are comfortable. And I hope that when you think of creating your home that you consider your comfort as primary. The home decorating police are not as important as you and members of your family. Stylish is best when it is comfortable and user-friendly. It’s like matching your couch to your art, I have never understood that one. I enjoy my art because of the pleasure I get in looking at it not because it has the taupe of my carpet.

As I write this I do not have a couch in my living room, however I think that is about to change.