Speed Control’s Graeme Peters on guitar and vocals

Speed Control’s Graeme Peters on guitar and vocals

A camp for kids who want to ‘rawk’

Whitehorse-based band Speed Control will be at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre May 13 to 15 to lead the inaugural Rawk Camp.

Vernon is about to open its own School of Rock, but instead of Jack Black, kids will be coached in the art of plugging in their amps and letting it rip by a group of guys from the Yukon.

Whitehorse-based band Speed Control will be at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre May 13 to 15 to lead the inaugural Rawk Camp, which is designed for kids and youth ages nine and up.

Three programs are being offered based on students’ skill levels:

Rawk on Stage is for those with one or two years of music lessons behind them.

“The goal is to grab onto the love of music and learn how to have fun performing with other musicians,” said Speed Control members. “The camp will include group lessons on individual instruments: guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, and vocals. They will be grouped into rock bands, explore principles of mic technique and learn how to play to an audience by drawing the audience in with awesome on-stage presence.”

Rawk Harder, Rawk Smarter is for those with at least two years of solid lessons and playing experience. Students will learn how to be in a band, how to make the most of rehearsal time, and how to engage with fellow bandmates on stage, as well as learn arranging and performance skills.

Bring Your Own Band will further focus on arranging songs for live performance, developing performance skills to help create a show that’s stronger.

“We will work on song writing and touch on the business of music such as developing online strategies that will help you reach and grow your fan base,” said Speed Control.

Featuring Graeme Peters on guitar and vocals, Ian March on drums and Jody Peters on bass and vocals, Speed Control is a hard-hitting rock trio dedicated to furthering music education and bringing music into kids’ lives.

With a full endorsement and partnership with Yamaha Canada, the band will provide students with instruments to play and equipment to power the camps.

In addition to the action-packed sessions with Speed Control, the Vernon Performing Arts Centre Society is offering professional development sessions, including a songwriting workshop with Vernon’s own pop star Andrew Allen and a marketing 101 workshop with the Electric Paper Company’s Lyle Doucette.

A maximum of 12 participants  will  be accepted into each session.

The camp kicks off with a free one-hour, open-to-the-public concert with Speed Control on Friday, May 13 at 7 p.m., followed by a 30 minute meet-and-greet after the show, where camp participants meet the band.

The camp culminates with Vernon Rawks, a showcase performance by the students, open to the public at the Vernon  Performing Arts Centre, May 15.

To register and for tickets to Vernon Rawks, visit the Ticket Seller box office at the centre or call 250-549-7469.