A glamorous evening of health and beauty

Green Glamour Ladies Night is a chance for women in the North Okanagan to pamper and empower themselves

Women are invited to take some time for themselves at Green Glamour Ladies Night on Saturday.

The event at Excel Fitness offers North Okanagan women a night of holistic health and beauty.

“With this fun, educational and interactive evening, women’s perception of beauty will be shifted from that based on societal pressure to one of self-love and understanding that beauty is created from the inside out,” said holistic beauty and fitness specialist C.S. Bromley, who is  co-hosting the event with registered holistic nutritionist Kaitlin Stephens. “This was created because of our intense passion to empower women.”

Stephens will demonstrate how to nourish your body with the core basics of nutrition and demonstrate how to make a delicious green smoothie. She works for Grounded Nutrition, a lifestyle company that inspires individuals to put their best foot forward.

“Grounded Nutrition has put on health and nutrition workshops all over Canada and is now focusing on the Okanagan region,” said Bromley. “Sharing her personal struggle with beauty and body image will be sure to make this event extremely powerful.”

Bromley will be educating on the importance of taking time for self-care, and in choosing organic beauty products by demonstrating and sharing a recipe for a nourishing green face mask. She has a lifestyle coaching company and is dedicated to empowering women to find the goddess within while optimizing health and happiness.

“I will share my story of transformation from the world of fitness competition to one of acceptance, self-love and inner peace,” she said. “If you are in need of a shift in perception to find your inner sparkle then come enjoy what Green Glamour has to offer.”

Green Glamour takes place Saturday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Excel Fitness, 3203- 30th Ave. Child-minding services are included. Women are asked to wear comfy clothes, bring a pillow, a face cloth and a sealed container.

Cost to attend is $37 and pre-registration is required by calling Bromley at 250-308-4325 or online at www.groundednutrition.com/live-events/