Pastor Everton Weekes

Pastor Everton Weekes

A place to begin the healing

The Born to Win Miracle Campaign is a project of the Living Faith Miracle Church, which has just opened in its new space in downtown Vernon

The Born to Win Miracle Campaign reaches out to anyone who is searching for healing in any part of their lives and wants to discover purpose in life.

“We are a ministry that really believes in God’s dream for people. Our mission statement is, ‘Mending lives, giving purpose.’ I believe that Christ has a purpose in life for mankind. He created you and knows everything about you. Christ has created everyone human being with a purpose and we connect people with their purpose,” said Pastor Everton Weekes, co-founder, with his wife, Tracy Weekes, of Miracle Life Ministries International and senior pastors of Living Faith Churches in Kelowna and Vernon.

They bring their ministry, which has had campaigns around the world, to Vernon Thursday to Saturday.

Weekes discovered his purpose in his late teens. He had grown up in a poor family in the Caribbean, told he would never amount to anything and left school early. He came to Canada looking for a better life and one day when he was feeling confused and aimless, he suddenly knew.

“I heard an audible voice of God and it changed my life. All the negativity went away and  I have a passion for helping other people discover their purpose. I have since been to 17 nations and spoken to groups of from 10 people to 20,000 people,” he said.

“When people are healed and discover their purpose, they’re excited and they go on to lead the lives God wants for them. It’s my greatest joy.”

Audrey Simpson, a missionary from Scotland who works with Weekes in his outreach activities in Vernon, also knows she has found her purpose.

“Through personal tragedy, I lost my mother when I was 12 and I turned to worldly things, joining a youth gang in Glasgow. I was sad and angry at God but I reconnected with my aunt and she explained Christianity to me. I asked God to give me a whole new life and I began to walk with God,” she said.

After several years as a missionary in Romania, she came to Canada.

“God has called me to speak to people with the focus on the supernatural.”

Weekes said people are afraid of the future because of the uncertainty in many areas of life.

“When we connect with life we see miracles. I have seen so many miracles in my life. My wife was healed of cancer 12 years ago and we see so many miracles in the lives of people we help. When people open their hearts to God, God’s love can come in and heal their lives. Sometimes it happens instantly, sometimes it takes more time, as a process of love and caring,” he said.

“When people come to the church they sense the love of Christ and enjoy the music, worship and teaching. The campaign will be another opportunity to experience God’s love.”

He invites everyone to come to one or more nights of the Born to Win Miracle Campaign.

“People are hungry for the supernatural and God has given us this amazing grace that people can experience. People need to hear something uplifting. Everyone has a dream in their heart and that dream is possible. Every dream is possible. Give God a chance to help you.”

The Born to Win Miracle Campaign takes place in Vernon at Living Faith Miracle Centre Church (3307-32nd Ave.) from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For more information about the campaign or regular church services, call 250-260-5748 or see www.LFMC.TV or www.MLMI.ORG.