Access effective stress solutions from your home

Life coach Jodi Seery offers webinars that will provide stress relief to participants from the comfort of their own home

If you are suffering the effects of stress such as insomnia, feeling scattered, overwhelmed, anxious and finding it hard to stay focused, life coach Jodi Seery at Shift Life Design Coaching invites you to learn new information and techniques out of the field of neuroscience and positive psychology that will bring you solace in the form of greater clarity, a calmer mind and more restorative sleep.

“Without the foundation of restful sleep we simply aren’t able to regenerate enough to be productive,” said Seery. “It sets up a cycle of exhaustion that can overwhelm us and can quickly become debilitating or at the very least take the joy out of your everyday experiences  as everything begins to feel like an uphill climb. Stress is at the root of this.

“We often attribute stress to circumstances or health conditions in our life but in fact stress is the insidious contributor to mental, physical and emotional upheaval that then plays out in the circumstances of our lives. Rather than trying to change the circumstances we first need to master how we address stress.”

To learn effective solutions and practical strategies to regain control of your mind, body, energy and life from stress, join Seery for the Stress Less Live More two-part webinar series on May 29 and June 5 from 10 a.m. to noon.

“Stress is the conversation we need to have because it is the silent saboteur of both our happiness and our health,” she said. “Conducting this class as an online webinar series allows everyone to receive the valuable information they need from the comfort of their own home computer without incurring the stress of travelling or attending a conventional classroom environment.”

For immediate effective release of stress, each session will include a guided energy meditation to alleviate insomnia, forgetfulness, scattered thinking and fatigue. The series will be recorded for your convenience if you are unable to attend the webinar live. Registration for the two-part web series is $87 + GST and closes May 28. Register at