Kevin Charach chats with Dr. Dalia Gottlieb-Tanaka

Kevin Charach chats with Dr. Dalia Gottlieb-Tanaka

Art that pops

Dr. Dalia Gottlieb-Tanaka's At This Age group is for older adults who want to include creativity as a way of keeping their minds active

A pop-up art show brightened the Schubert Centre in early March.

The show included group and individual work from the At This Age group with paintings, sculptures, masks, puppets, portraits and poems.

Most of the artists, who have been discovering their creative abilities through At This Age, were modest about their contributions, but group facilitator Dr. Dalia Gottlieb-Tanaka, praised them all.

“These are healthy and active older adults who want to keep their minds active and learn new things. This is a group-led program where the participants share their expertise and life stories and suggest topics,” she said.

“Creative expression activities reduce depression and isolation, improve memory, reduce the need for prescription medication and bring joy, satisfaction and an increase in confidence.”

At This Age was formed in July, 2013 and about 40 people have taken part since, with a core group of about 10 people. The group is open to healthy older adults who want to keep their minds active through creative activities. There will be a new group formed for people diagnosed with early dementia and caregivers or care partners.

Gottlieb-Tanaka is the founder of the Society for the Arts in Dementia Care. The program she developed won an award from the American Society on Aging. She continues to do research and do presentations and workshops internationally.

For more information about the creative activities groups, lectures, or workshops for volunteers or professional recreation therapists, contact Gottlieb-Tanaka at or 250-503-0117.