Artist, biologist seek sounds

Australian duo Anna Glynn and Peter Dalmazzo are in Vernon to create a soundscape as part of the Caetani/Allan Brooks Fresh! AiR residency.

  • Aug. 20, 2014 12:00 p.m.

The public is invited to participate in a unique collaboration between art and science.

Australian residents Anna Glynn and Peter Dalmazzo are in Vernon to participate in the Fresh! AiR artist residency program at the Caetani Cultural Centre.

Held  in partnership with the Allan Brooks Nature Centre, Glynn is an artist while Dalmazzo is the first biologist in residence to be a part of the program.

The two arrived at the Caetani centre Aug. 5 from Australia to work on their newest project entitled Okanagan Valley Soundscape.

“This unique interdisciplinary project will employ a combination of art and science to capture the sounds of the Okanagan Valley,” said Susan Brandoli, manager and residency coordinator at the Caetani Cultural Centre.

“Dalmazzo will lead the science side by producing a catalogue of sounds and (Glynn) will showcase the art by creating a soundscape.”

Both are collecting sounds throughout the North Okanagan environment, above and below water, terrestrial and aquatic, in a variety of ecotypes, forests and grasslands, in nature and human environments.

To make the most of their residency, Glynn and Dalmazzo are asking for input from the public.

“We would like to know the local places that you respond to – the places that you love and react to, whether it is for the beauty, the smell, the sound – the places that you have an emotional response to. We will make sound recordings at these locations to include in our project” said Glynn.

For more information or to share your favourite Okanagan places and sounds, e-mail or call 250-306-7464.

Visit for more information about the Fresh! AiR program and the Glynn/Dalmazzo collaboration.