Artists share similar aesthetic

Ashpa Naira Gallery, on the westside of Okanagan Lake, opens exhibition featuring the work of artists Leonhard Epp and Lubos Culen.

Falkland artist Leonhard Epp

Falkland artist Leonhard Epp

Ashpa Naira Gallery, located on the westside of Okanagan Lake, is presenting its second exhibition of the summer.

Entitled, the show features the work of artists Leonhard Epp and Lubos Culen, of Falkland and Vernon, respectively, and is comprised of paintings, and both three-dimensional and two-dimensional works. is an exhibition rich in visual investigations, ideas and cultural production. These ideas are presented within investigations of our social histories that encompass our cultural identities, as Culen expresses in his paintings,” said gallery owner Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante.

Both Epp and Culen share the imprint of a European heritage and perhaps because of this imprint, they share sentiments from another continent, a different culture that informs their research into the human condition found within each of their studio practices.

“Both artists are well-versed in juxtaposing the aesthetic with the anti-aesthetic as a means to present the complexities of their individual concepts, which they frame as visual ideas,” said Sanchez de Bustamante. runs from July 1 to Aug. 5. Ashpa Naira Gallery, located on the westside of Okanagan Lake, is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday to Sunday, or by appointment.

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