James A. Love reads to his son

James A. Love reads to his son

Author launches first novel for tweens

Local author James A. Love takes the stories his son loves and turned them into the first book in The Wormhole Trilogy

For the past 10 years, James A. Love has been telling his son bedtime stories about two brothers who end up on a space ship.

In 2014, he decided to compile their adventures into We’re Not On Earth Anymore! It’s the first book in The Wormhole Trilogy, and the Vernon author’s first novel for tweens.

“The novel took on a life of its own and has now become the first in a three-part series,” said Love. “I wanted to write a story my son would love, and one that I would have loved when I was a boy.”

Love, a local information technology professional, will celebrate the launch of his self-published novel Feb. 20 at Ratio Coffee & Pastry. He will also be discussing the joys and challenges of writing for tween boys.

Love is pleased with how popular his book has been with boys, including those who are reluctant readers.

“My book is longer than most books for tween boys, so I was surprised when parents were telling me even their reluctant reader boys were enjoying my book,” he said.

Love believes the reason for this may be connected to his own son’s struggle with reading.

“When I was writing my first draft, I would read it to my son,” he said. “If he was not engaged, I revised it. I threw in every theme that a rough-and-tumble boy like my son would love. I included space ships, aliens, dinosaurs, Insectoid pirates, amazing technology, strange cultures and gross situations.”

Love said he’s more a story teller than a writer.

“If you told my elementary school teachers that I’d written a novel, they would declare it a miracle.”

In his 30s, Love discovered that he has a pronounced fine motor deficit.

“I was one of those boys with almost illegible handwriting. Writing anything was difficult, so I naturally avoided it. I got by and focused instead on math and sciences. 

“While studying for a business degree, my writing was so bad on one assignment that I was accused of being illiterate. The advent of personal computers has been a boon for those for whom scripting and printing is a challenge.”

He is also grateful for the help of his wife, Janice, a freelance editor who assisted in polishing the manuscript for publication.

We’re Not On Earth Anymore! tells the story of how, one fall evening, Tom and Pip go to their tree fort in the local park to retrieve a forgotten cell phone. A chance encounter with aliens changes their lives forever as they acquire a spaceship, new alien friends, and are sucked through a wormhole. The brothers must rely on each other as they face the challenge of getting home.

The story is a humorous adventure, but Love also includes themes of adoption, cross-cultural communication, and the importance of mutual reliance.

“I’m not Mark Twain, but I share his belief that the chief sin of any writer is to be boring. If boys and girls enjoy my funny, fantastical adventure stories then I am pleased.”

The launch and reading of Love’s novel takes place Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. at Ratio Coffee & Pastry, 3101-29th St. (in the old train station). Treats will be provided. Print copies of the book will be available at the book launch or from www.TomandPip.com