Vancouver Beatles tribute band The Day Trippers

Vancouver Beatles tribute band The Day Trippers

Beatles tribute transports back to the ‘60s

The Day Trippers prove the Fab Four’s legacy lives on with sold out show at Vernon Jazz Club.

Vernon Jazz Club patrons will “come together” this Saturday night for a sold-out show of The Day Trippers, a Vancouver-based Beatles tribute band.

The Day Trippers feature Marty Zylstra as John, Nick Jones as Paul, Mike Coutts as George, and Mike Herle as Ringo.

The band will be playing favourites such as She Loves You, From Me to You, and I Feel Fine, as well as hidden gems Roll Over Beethoven and Act Naturally.

The Day Trippers embody the excitement of the early 1960s’ spirit that The Beatles brought to the stage.  Their sound, their look, and even their instruments are very close to the original band.

“Authenticity is extremely important to us,” said Zylstra. “We have gone to great lengths to learn each and every part of every song as accurately as possible to authentically recreate this great music.  We even use all the same gear that was originally used and the suits we wear are exact replicas of the actual suits worn by The Beatles.”

Zylstra was the son of a preacher whose first songs were old-time gospel hymns. His tastes were soon influenced by The Beatles, Tom Petty and David Bowie. In 2012, on Elvis Presley’s birthday, he set off on a life changing trip to Memphis where rock and roll changed his life.

Zylstra has recently recorded a three-song EP produced by Carl Davis (The Left, The Pompadoors), and mastered by Sean McGee (The Beatles, John Lennon).

When asked why he thinks people still feel connected to The Beatles, Zylstra replied, “Their music connects to people. The message of love is so simple and universal.

“Each person in The Beatles has a complex layered story that connects deeply with everyone.  From John’s sad early upbringing to growth as an icon and the world spokesperson for peace to Ringo’s brilliant understated career as a drummer, actor and personality, to George’s quiet artistic genius, to Paul’s continuing role as curator of the legacy of The Beatles and an entertainer to pop culture.”

The Day Trippers’ show will be evolving into a theatre performance, with costume changes, starting this summer.

Jones has always had a great appreciation for the harmonies of The Beatles and The Beach Boys.  As well as playing with The Day Trippers, he has been a part of The February March and Clockmakers.

When Coutts’ parents brought him home from the hospital there was a Beatles’ tape playing in the car spurring the love for the Fab Four and eventually inspiring him to teach himself how to play the guitar.

He has collected a large number of instruments, many of which are used on stage with The Day Trippers, and takes a great interest in the details of the gear The Beatles used at various points in their recording career.

Being the youngest in the band, Coutts found a kindred spirit in Harrison and has even taught himself to play guitar right handed.

Herle plunged headfirst into The Beatles’ music as a teenager, playing along to his sister’s albums.  He plays everything from jazz to rock, and has also played in the Regina Symphony, including a performance with Harry Belafonte.

Since moving to Vancouver he has played in many bands that give tribute to his early influences The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and of course The Beatles.

The Day Trippers take the stage at the Vernon Jazz Club (3000-31st St.) Saturday at 8 p.m.  Doors open at 7:15 p.m. The show is now sold out. More info on future Vernon Jazz Society gigs is available at