Arya Church enjoys some bone broth in her sippy cup at lunchtime.

Arya Church enjoys some bone broth in her sippy cup at lunchtime.

Bone broth helps nourish Waldorf School

Bone broth has numerous health benefits and North Okanagan residents can buy it from Vale Farms at the Vernon Farmers' Market

If you are a foodie following the latest trends, you will have been hearing about Bone Broth and Broth Bars.

You might think it’s only available in New York or Vancouver, but you would be wrong. The very best organic, grass-fed bone broth is available right here in the North Okanagan. More than a year ago, Cedar Bridge School partnered with Vale Farms to cook up some amazing broths made with bones from 100 per cent grass-fed beef or pasture-raised chicken and turkey.

These nourishing, healing broths have been used in traditional diets and are now making their way back into our modern diets as “medicine.” People who experience a serious breakdown in their intestinal functions are finding these broths very healing. They are safe and beneficial even for small children.

Making broth is theoretically not complicated, but it can be difficult to source out the right bones or have the time to boil them long enough to gain the nutritional benefits.

Vale Farms’ broth is made using the recommendations from the book Nourishing Broth by Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Kaayla T. Danie, using a variety of meaty, marrow and shoulder bones, and shanks. Every package contains some healthy fat, minerals and collagen. Those who drink it have noticed not only improvements in their digestion, but also in their skin, hair and energy levels.

Broths are cooked between 24 and 48 hours, and frozen for freshness. Each package can be diluted with water to taste (beef can be diluted to make a litre, poultry makes about ½ litre) and used in cooking or to drink on its own. Broth is available at the Vernon and Kelowna Farmers’ Markets from the Vale Farms Grassroots booth, directly from Vale Farms, Cedar Bridge School and the Lumby Monashee Co-op. For information about the broth or to place an order, visit or call Vale Farms 1-866-567-2300

Proceeds from broth sales go to Cedar Bridge School (a Waldorf inspired farm school at Vale Farms). Cedar Bridge School is opening a preschool program in Vernon this September and offers preschool, kindergarten and Grades 1 to 6 at the farm location.

For more information, see, email or call 250- 547-9212.