Book explores journey through grief

To connect with a loved one after death is a familiar experience for many people who have lost a loved one. In her book, Soul-Link, author Alida Hilbrander keeps this connection going and in doing so continues to receive insights from her husband Bill.

“When loved ones pass over into another dimension they continue to grow in light, and, when we render ourselves receptive to their growth, our lives will be enriched as well,” she writes.

Soul-Link is the personal narrative of an ever growing soul connection that had its beginnings when the author and her husband lived together; a significant relationship that not only applies to spouses, but to children, family, and friends. For that reason this book is for readers who are living their soul connection now and wish to continue and enhance non-separation.

Although this is a story of transitioning loss, it is through its meditations and reflections that the book transcends into a journey of gratitude where the pain of grief has lost its wounding.

Soul-Link features 36 beautiful grey-scale photographs of ocean and coastal scenes by Peter Niclas Kellogg, which depict nature’s harmony with humanity, its comforting presence. The book is further enhanced with the poetry by the author’s brother, Antony Van Mansum.

Hilbrander will be at Bookland in Vernon May 7 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., where she will sign copies of her book. She welcomes people to come and talk about their experiences and browse through the book.