Ten-year-old Kody Kongsdorf

Ten-year-old Kody Kongsdorf

Brothers raise funds for MS

Two young brothers have decided to continue their tradition of helping others, even though their mother doesn’t need it anymore.

Two young brothers have decided to continue their tradition of helping others, even  though their mother doesn’t need it anymore.

Joel Kongsdorf, eight years old, and his brother Kody, age 10, decided last year to have a garage sale to raise money for their mom to send her for the chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI), commonly known as “liberation” treatment to relieve her progressing multiple sclerosis symptoms.

The boys raised over $2,700, and their mom went to have treatment in Bulgaria in December, 2010. She is doing much better, and believes she would be in a wheelchair had she not had the treatment.

Now she plays soccer with her sons, and even put in a garden that all three of them enjoy together.

This past spring, Kody asked if they could do the garage sale again, yet their mom, Lisa Kongsdorf, wasn’t sure who they should help.

It was right after that she met Rennie Sinopli, a 36-year-old man who was just planning his wedding.

Sinopli was diagnosed with relapsing and remitting MS after university at age 25, and has never been able to work.

His wife has a job, but is still having difficulty supporting two people. Once married, Sinopli no longer qualifies for income assistance including disability through the provincial government.

“No one is sure what the results of those clinical trials will be and when the procedure could be happening,” said Lisa.

Sinopli would like to be able to work, and start his marriage off where he feels he can contribute financially.

“I just want to have a garage sale and continue to help people get the treatment for multiple sclerosis,” said Joel.

The garage sale is Saturday from 7 a.m. to noon at the Vernon Church of Christ at 4107 Pleasant Valley Rd. Anyone wishing to donate can contact Lisa at 250-938-1175.