Forget creepy clowns

Forget creepy clowns

Caravan amps up the creep factor with its 13th annual Walk of Terror

Walk or run, but don't hide for one of the spookiest events of Halloween at Caravan Farm Theatre.

The crow’s caw from the treetop awakens the large form out in the distance.

The crunch of frosted grass underfoot now audible, it’s blackened eyes shine out from the darkness. A deep resonating breath exhales a stream of cloudy moisture into the air as it creeps closer and closer.

Its loud whinny breaks the silence.

It must be feeding time.

It’s hard to imagine what Caravan Farm Theatre’s beloved Clydesdale horses think of the farm’s Walk of Terror, but for us humans, the annual Halloween event is one creepy affair.

Now in its lucky number 13th year, this year’s outdoor trek through the woods has been created and designed by Caravan’s prop maestro Scott Crocker, with lighting by Jill White, and promises to jump-start hearts in even the strongest chests.

“This will be a best-of Walk of Terror. We are welcoming family members and friends who have participated in the past to remember what stood out to them, and we are picking the best of them,” said Caravan’s interim artistic director Estelle Shook.

It was Shook who instigated the farm’s ghoulish affair 13 years ago.

“I was sitting in the office and knew I wanted to do a Halloween show and so this is what we came up with,” she said.

Located on an 80-acre plot of forest and field, Caravan uses its setting to full effect, while members of the community get to channel their inner demons in full costume, usually with a theme attached.

“This is our first big huzzah of the year and get-together in the fall. It’s a fun, exciting lineup and is less about a big professional show, but  includes our membership and is a community event with participation from the community.”

The Walk of Terror also features an after-Terror dance in the farm’s open timber barn. Vernon groove meisters Chipko Jones will be plugging in to become a full 10-piece reggae band for the night.

Patrons can also enjoy a bonfire, hot chocolate and sugary treats and prizes for best costume will be handed out.

Walk of Terror goes from 7 to 8 p.m. (gates open at 6:30). The dance starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $19/adult and $6/child, available in advance at or call 250-549-7469 (toll-free 1-866-311-1011 outside of Greater Vernon) or $24 at the gate. Caravan is located at 4886 Salmon River Rd., northwest of Armstrong.