Chef shows off his grilling skills at Gatzke Orchard

On Aug. 31, chef Travis Hackl presents Grill to Gourmet, the fourth in the series of six meals

The Gatzke Orchard dinner series has been enjoying a successful sold-out run with the first three of its GO FOODISM nights.

On Sunday, Aug. 31, chef Travis Hackl presents Grill to Gourmet, the fourth in the series of six outdoor roaming four-course meals on the orchard overlooking Kalamalka and Wood Lakes.

“We’re ecstatic with the popularity of our orchard dinners,” said Gatzke Orchard  event manager Joseph Pinheiro. “The first three were a phenomenal success and as the next three dinners are already 50 per cent sold out, we are feeling really good about GO FOODISM! The combination of these culinary talents, our picturesque venue and the outstanding food is what is attracting people to buy tickets to more than one dinner.”

The owner of Okanagan’s Finest Foods catering and the OKF Grill in Lake Country, Hackl will show his grilling skills using abundant fresh, natural Okanagan ingredients, many grown on the orchard, with wine tastings by 50th Parallel Estate Winery.

“After years of downright serious menu creation, I have found a more relaxed, easy-going approach to food combinations and preparation,” said Hackl. “This approach, combined with the abundant fresh, natural ingredients produced in the Okanagan Valley, has led to the inspired catering menus of Okanagan’s Finest Foods.”

Hackl is working on the final touches to his Grill to Gourmet menu and says the flavours are simply going to make guests’ mouths water.

“I love what Gatzke Orchard does for our people and our community and we proudly support Gatzke’s. I’m really looking forward to my GO FOODISM night to entertain, feed you and to show off my amazing team. It’s going to be a great night.”

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