Clinic opens doors to natural health

Balance Natural Health Clinic hosts open house to introduce its practitioners: naturopaths, massage therapists and energy therapist.

Dr. Nicole Shortt believes that true health is achieved through balance.

“This balance occurs through the right nutrition, proper exercise, adequate sleep, reduced stress maintaining a healthy physical body and a healthy emotional state,” said Shortt, a naturopathic physician in Vernon who works out of Balance Natural Health Clinic.

The public is invited to learn more on Friday, as the clinic hosts an open house where all of its practitioners will be in attendance: Shortt, naturopathic physician Dr. Krista Ingram, Registered Massage Therapists Lana Henry and Sarah Robson, and energy therapist Morene Philpott.

The open house is a chance for practitioners to thank their clients for their ongoing commitment to their health and faith in the clinic’s services and an opportunity for the public to meet the practitioners in a fun and casual setting to explore all that naturopathic medicine, massage therapy and energy therapy have to offer.

“Balance occurs when the true cause of disease is explored and not just addressed with symptom control,” said Shortt. “Naturopathic medicine, massage therapy and energy therapy can each address a multitude of health concerns and address the root cause of disease naturally, effectively and without drug therapy.”

The open house takes place Friday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Balance Natural Health Clinic, 3105-36th Ave., Vernon.