Club gears up for summer

Club gears up for summer

The Vernon Outdoors Club is ready for summer hiking

  • Jun. 9, 2017 6:30 a.m.

Moira McColl

For The Morning Star

Tuesday “rambles” (easier hikes) and Thursday bike rides are winding down until September for the members of the Vernon Outdoors Club (VOC) but the Sunday hikes will continue throughout the summer.

“This season we are offering two different hikes each Sunday,” said VOC president Ritchie Leslie. “One will likely be longer and more strenuous. The other choice will still be a significant hike but not as challenging. This gives members a choice.

“Both routes will have been cleared and scouted before the day of the hike and all the hikes have a designated leader.”

For both long-term locals and newcomers who are interested in experiencing the great outdoors and the spectacular scenery around the North Okanagan, the VOC is a great way to discover dozens of trails with like-minded people. Its “no- hassle” approach means participants only need to show up at the designated place and time with their hiking gear, including over-the-ankle hiking boots, and their lunch. Car-pooling is organized for a modest gratuity and, for insurance purposes, non-members pay $5 per activity or can purchase an annual membership for $25. The March-to-March membership covers Sunday hikes from early April to end of October and rambles and bike rides in the spring and fall as well as snowshoeing all winter.

Details about all the hikes and other activities are posted on the club website at

You can also follow club activities on Facebook.