Cook releases third

Welcome to the alumnus machine, Mr Cook.


David Cook: This Loud Morning


Welcome to the alumnus machine, Mr Cook.  Former American Idol winner David Cook’s third album, This Loud Morning, is a contender in the big rock music industry sweepstakes and it fits the bill perfectly – too perfectly it could be argued.

All the songs are quasi-majestic, clean and pristine.  Production is a serious concern on This Loud Morning and the roll call of studios and musicians takes up much space.

The songs are going for the big hook;  power ballad style, and Cook’s voice is a fine match for this sound.

Cook, who plays guitar and co-wrote all his material, has a rich voice that’s devoid of histrionics but still reaches for grandiose places.  He gets there; at times coming across like Josh Groban in reverse – from the “rock” angle of the spectrum.

Cook has an ear for large, dramatic sounds and songs and he’s ably helped in his quest by producer Matt Serletic and his flock of players.

Their style is the dynamic and precise semi-symphonic layering prevalent in commercial radio today.

Although the track Fade Into Me sounds reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson, Cook’s album is easy listening radio-rock that’s tasteful but lacking in grit.