Cowan’s spiritual journey continues in new book

Vernon writer Helena Cowan will sign copies of her latest book, The Peace of Silent Terror, on Saturday, Dec. 8 at Schubert Centre

Many people in Vernon have read Helena (Ilona) Cowan’s first book, Silent Terror, in which she detailed her escape with her young family from the Communist regime in Hungary.

Now, in her second book, she details her mysterious experiences. One of the most mystical is her surgery at Christmas 2011, which she clearly explains in her second book, The Peace of Silent Terror.

“My mysterious experiences brought me a deeper understanding of life and to a new reality,” said Cowan.

The Vernon author first moved to the North Okanagan in 1975 when she was transferred from the Port Coquitlam K-Mart merchandising office to help set up the same department here.

Born in Hungary, Cowan escaped during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution with her husband and two toddlers.

Now working on her third book on spirituality, she has been guided by faith her entire life, which she discusses in her Silent Terror.

While writing the memoir, Cowan completed writing courses with Writer’s Digest School in Cincinnati, Ohio and Quality Of Course writing school in Ottawa, Ont.

In The Peace of Silent Terror, Cowan details the profound change in her life, from despair to blessedness and ecstacy.

“I was experiencing life as I had never dreamt of, or believed was even possible, and my profound experiences brought me to higher consciousness.”

From The Peace of Silent Terror:

“Now in my later years as I reflect on my life, I realize we need both the good and bad to evolve. For us evolution is not a choice, it is a necessity, to know more about and to get closer to God. That is the purpose of our lives here on earth.

“This is His world; we are His creations, existing in His universe that He rules in perfect synchronicity for millions of years. Things that are out of our control we have to accept. ‘It is as it is.’ I am exactly in the place where I am supposed to be. According to His will.

“In the entire universe nothing ever goes wrong. God is in control. To understand this, we have to take a conscious spiritual journey, to reach our destination. We can, with ease, if we understand the two smallest and the most powerful words in the Scripture. As Jesus said in Matthew chapter nine, verse nine: Follow me.”

The Peace of Silent Terror is published by First Choice Books.

Cowan will sign copies of her new book Dec. 8 at the Schubert Centre pancake breakfast from 8 a.m. to noon.