Alexandra Daddario as  Annabeth

Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth

Film review: The demi-gods must be crazy

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is a simple story, with some magic, real seahorses, and some fantasy.

I would have written about Lee Daniels’ The Butler, but so many have already reviewed this film that anything I might say would not be particularly original.

Just go see this awesome look at the Civil Rights movement. It provides a history that we should never forget, because if we forget history, we’re bound to repeat it.

So, I went to see Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. I love sci-fi, but more than that I love fantasy (Harry Potter, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe), so Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is right up my alley (can you say immature?)

Apparently I’m in the minority (being immature, that is) because there were seven people at the theatre when I went last Sunday afternoon.

This is the second film in the Percy Jackson series and will likely come in third for the weekend box office take.

Percy, who is actually the son of Poseidon (who fathered a child with a human), lives in a safe place with others whose relatives are gods. When their safe place is threatened, Percy and his friends, including a half-bother who is a cyclops, must find the Golden Fleece, which is in the Sea of Monsters (The Bermuda Triangle to humans) to save the day. (Poseidon was a busy god as he also fathered a child with a nymph. When a god fathers a child with a nymph, the result is a cyclops, or the ocular impaired for the politically correct. Just wanted you to know that in case you might be tempted to seek out a nymph or two.)

Good special effects add to the adventure. This film is shot in Super 35, although the credits indicate it was “filmed in Panavision.”

Not many “stars” in this one: Stanley Tucci is Mr. D (Dionysus); Anthony Head is Chiron; Nathan Fillion (TV’s Castle) is Hermes; Logan Lerman (Perks of Being a Wallflower) returns as Percy, and Alexandra Daddario plays Annabeth. (Daddario actually found out she was prone to sea sickness while filming the yacht and lifeboat scenes —lucky girl!)

I liked this. Take your grandchildren if they are younger than 12, take the 10-year-old from next door. Don’t take anyone expecting any form of sophistication, but it will do for someone who wants a simple story, some magic, real seahorses, and some fantasy.

I give Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 3 1/2 reels out of five.

— Susan Steen is a freelance movie reviewer whose column normally appears in the Kelowna Capital News. Reel Reviews with Taylor and Howe will return to The Morning Star next week.