Floating lanterns will celebrate the rivers

Workshops will be held to teach how to make lanterns for upcoming World Rivers Day celebration

As the days get shorter and the geese begin to practise their formations, World Rivers Day is just around the corner. This year the international event to celebrate the world’s rivers will take place Sept. 29.

Last year’s Rivers Day events concluded with a Floating Lantern Celebration at dusk. These 200 lanterns were made by dozens of individuals at 20 lantern-making workshops in the days and weeks leading up to the event.

The Floating Lantern Celebration in 2012 was part of Runaway Moon Theatre’s Calendario project and Cathy Stubington, Runaway Moon’s artistic director, organized and led 15 of those workshops.

This year, Runaway Moon and the Lower Shuswap Stewardship Society (LSSS) would like to collaborate with other community groups, businesses and individuals with the intention of making this popular event an ongoing part of Enderby’s Rivers Day celebrations.

“We would like to suggest that existing groups get together to make lanterns for the event,” said Jean Clark, with the LSSS. “If you made a lantern last year, please share your skills.”

Community groups, businesses and individuals are invited to attend a “train the trainer” workshop Saturday at the Enderby Chamber of Commerce from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Participants will be asked to take the lantern-making skills they learn back to their friends, neighbours or community associations  to share what they have learned by hosting their own workshop. Materials will be provided. Pre-registration would be appreciated by e-mailing lowershuswap@gmail.com

“Our theme again is Calendario, a recognition of the events in nature around us that signal the passage of time,” said Clark. “Activities of birds and animals, the blossoming of flowers, the ripening of fruit and vegetables, the changes in the movement and level of water in the river, the lengthening and shortening of the light — we look forward to seeing what people come up with!”