Former Sheryl Crow guitarist visits the North Okanagan

Todd Wolfe Band, fronted by Sheryl Crow's former guitarist, plays their retro blues-rock at Lorenzo's Café near Enderby this week.

  • Jun. 23, 2013 12:00 p.m.
Drummer Roger Voss

Drummer Roger Voss

Former Sheryl Crow guitarist  Todd Wolfe and his band return from their 42-date European tour only to head back out for a seven-week tour through the western provinces that brings them to the North Okanagan this week.

Wolfe is back in North America this summer since his guitar-strumming, co-writing days with Crow and is currently promoting he and his band’s new album, Miles To Go.

The Todd Wolfe Band recall the days when “men were men and amps were amps,” real tubes crackling with a sound reminiscent of the best rock and roll bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

The band, which features Roger Voss on drums and Justine Gardner on bass, jams and rocks, but their music is deeply soaked in blues.

Leslie West of Mountain fame had this to say after Wolfe’s guitar contributions to her recent solo albums and duo guitar tours as well as his contribution to the last Mountain album, Masters of War:

“There are very few guitar players I like better than myself, Todd Wolfe is one of them.”

Wolfe and his band bring their “bluesadelic” sound to Lorenzo’s Café in Ashton Creek, east of Enderby, Wednesday and Thursday.

Call the café at 250-838-6700 to reserve a seat.