Fred Eaglesmith returns to Caravan Farm Theatre on the release of his new album

Fred Eaglesmith returns to Caravan Farm Theatre on the release of his new album

Fred’s back at the farm

Caravan Farm Theatre kicks off its spring 2012 season with a return visit by Fred Eaglesmith, Thursday, May 17.

Caravan Farm Theatre kicks off its spring 2012 season with two events in May.

On Mother’s Day, Sunday, Caravan will host its first Caravan Market Day of the season. Later that week, on Thursday, the farm will present Fred Eaglesmith and The Travelling Steam Show live in concert.

Known for his seemingly endless touring schedule, which this year is crisscrossing the U.S. and Canada a few times, Eaglesmith has made Caravan a regular stop.

“He has been at Caravan twice before; once with his full band and his last concert here was a solo performance, just him and his guitar,” said Courtenay Dobbie, Caravan’s artistic director.

“He really likes playing here. The venue, esthetic and environment suits his music and musical values. It’s just a really amazing background and backdrop for him and his music. We like to keep in touch with him and see when and if he can come back and this time it worked that he was touring on the release of his new album.”

Described as a genuine iconoclast and true original, the acclaimed singer, songwriter and bandleader is returning to the farm with his band, The Travelling Steam Show, on the release of his new and 19th album, 6 Volts, which was released in January.

And there should be more than a few “Fredheads” (the term lovingly attributed to fans of Eaglesmith) excited to welcome him back to the farm.

Eaglesmith will perform under Caravan’s now two-year-old rain venue –– an open-air timber frame barn that provides an undercover stage and seating during stormy weather.

“We’re planning to do more spring concerts now that we have our big beautiful rain/music venue,” said Dobbie. “People still have an outdoor theatre concert experience, but you are under cover from the elements.”

Caravan is hoping to stage more spring concerts as an addition to its regular theatre season, which includes a winter sleigh ride show, The Walk of Terror at Halloween, and the annual summer theatrical production. (This summer’s musical show is The Notorious Right Robert and his Robber Bride.)

“The music side of things is just as important to support. We also offer music residencies here, and artists around the country have a place to stay and have some focus time, unlike being in the city,” said Dobbie, adding a number of Vancouver independent bands as well as internationally known acts such as the Barr Brothers have stayed and performed at Caravan in the past.

“We do have a huge capacity here for concerts and having musicians develop their skills and artform,” said Dobbie. “There’s many different ways to enjoy yourselves here. You can come see a theatre show, a music show and visit the market. We have people coming here that haven’t been to a theatre or music show, so it’s nice to offer some different ways for people to visit the farm. There’s something about the fact that there’s nothing else to do here but be a part of it. There are no cars, no streets… it’s a big party in the middle of nowhere.”

Caravan Farm Theatre welcomes Fred Eaglesmith Thursday, May 17 at 7:30 p.m. Gates open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25/adult and $15/ages 12 and under, available at the Ticket Seller. Call 250-549-7469 or visit The farm is located at 4886 Salmon River Rd., northwest of Armstrong. Visit for more info.