Fulton students direct one-act plays

  • Mar. 6, 2011 7:00 a.m.

Clarence Fulton secondary students have been knocking back the hours in preparation for their one-act festival, which opens this week.

The school is showcasing four different and individually enticing plays directed by its  drama students.

“Support the Clarence Fulton actors and actresses by coming down and having a great time,” said Fulton drama teacher Deanne Collinson. “We always appreciate the energy of our wonderful community audience that comes out. There’s always a large variety of people of all ages because our plays are meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.”

This year’s one-acts include The Edward House, directed by student Matthew Marioni, The Butcher, The Lawyer, and The Psychosis Breaker by Sean Thomson, A Match Made in Heaven by Katie Annand, and Aluminum Days by Eric Harper.

The Edward House is a slightly humorous murder mystery that will have you biting your nails and wondering what happens next, said Marioni.

“It’s murder, mystery, money madness,” he said.

The Butcher, The Lawyer, and The Psychosis Breaker is a dramatic, eventful, and mysterious play.

“It’s a dark play dealing with the demise of an intellectual,” said Thomson.

A Match Made in Heaven is a comedy with a bit of philosophy about finding the right mate, and in a very unexpected location.

“It’s a funny light comedy about a woman searching for a husband. It’s for the whole family,” said Annand.

Aluminum Days is a light-hearted play with a bit of humour added.

“It’s a light-hearted British mess,” said Harper.

Fulton’s one-act festival opens in the school theatre Wednesday and runs through to Friday.

Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults and are available at the school office or by calling  250-545-1348.