Fundraiser eats to feed

With the participation of community members, Katimavik volunteers rolled up their sleeves this rotation to do some fundraising for the Upper Room Mission (URM).

Upon arrival in Vernon Dec. 1, Lauren Zabel, Vernon project leader, presented the current Katimavik group with the task: three months to carry out a Collective Community Project that benefits the community. Out of the three needs/ opportunities that the previous Katimavik group identified within Vernon, the group decided to help combat hunger and homelessness in the community. This issue was chosen because it was something that all volunteers are witness to every day when walking around Vernon and also because the project fits the personal values of the group.

Over the holiday season, Katimavik volunteers had the opportunity to spend a few hours volunteering at the mission, where a day spent with those less fortunate gave the group a chance to learn a lot about homelessness and what could be done to help. They discovered that the URM was in need of a new microwave for their new kitchen; so it was decided that would be their “mission.” The combined efforts of the group’s bottle drive, hot-dog sale and raffle generated a total of $711.28. Since discovering the grand total fundraising amount, it has now been decided that the funds will be put towards the purchase of an industrial dishwasher for the URM’s soon-to-be renovated kitchen.

“We really think that providing a permanent appliance for their kitchen is the best way to help the Upper Room Mission,” said Philip Walker, Katimavik volunteer. “The rest of my Katimavik group is really excited to give something that the mission is going to use every day, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Yearly community projects are an opportunity for Katimavik groups to put their civic engagement skills to practical use and to make a lasting impact on the communities in which they live and volunteer.