Wilf Pauls signs copies of his latest book

Wilf Pauls signs copies of his latest book

Fweddy makes his debut

North Okanagan librarian Wilf Pauls launches his third book for children

A school librarian for 20 years, Wilf Pauls knows what children like in a book.

With the launch of his third book, Fweddy The Wed Fwog Pwince, Pauls, a resident of Enderby, is thrilled with the positive feedback he has received from the classes to whom he has read the book.

The book introduces a frog who can’t pronounce the letter R and gets teased as a result. The story follows Fweddy’s journey as he deals with his problems finding friends and using humour along the way.

Pauls taps into his experiences as a teacher, librarian and principal in the Armstrong, Salmon Arm, Yukon Territory, West Germany and Democratic Republic of Congo.

“I am a story guy. I would teach a unit and always make up stories to go along with it,” he said. “This book came from a frog unit I was doing.”

The book evolved with the idea of playing with words and took off from there.

The illustrations are a large part of what brings a children’s story together and were created by his cousin, Myron Born of Alberta.

Born has worked for the last 20 years drawing for television and film but was excited to try out his art on the printed page.

The book is geared towards elementary school students but Pauls tells the Grade 7 students he reads to that they should never stop reading picture books.

Pauls has previously self-published two other books, Baby Brawn Hockey Superstar and Baby Brawn Basketball Superstar.

Fweddy The Wed Fwog Pwince is available at Vernon Teach and Learn.