Getting to Know’s Aniko Forgo meets with hip hop artist and former Vernon resident Tyler Skyy (Devan Head).

Getting to Know’s Aniko Forgo meets with hip hop artist and former Vernon resident Tyler Skyy (Devan Head).

Getting to know: Tyler Skyy

Q&A feature on local musicians features hip hop artist Tyler Skyy.

Aniko Forgo

For The Morning Star

Tyler Skyy, aka Devan Head, is a hip hop artist and former Vernon resident who now resides in Vancouver.

In 2012, Skyy released his Skyy Life Sunday project, writing and then recording a song every week for a year.

Born with a congenital heart defect known as pulmonary artresia and tetralogy of fallow, Skyy has endured multiple heart surgeries and now donates his time and music to Ronald McDonald House, which helps families whose children are in hospital.

His  most recent album, Intergalactic, came out in March.

Q: What made you decide to pursue music?

A: “Honestly, I started out making songs for fun about five years ago, and eventually I started to really love it. I just want to do something special with my life, especially since I’m so lucky to be here today after all of my heart surgeries.”

Q: Tell us a bit about your new album Intergalactic.

A: “The goal for Intergalactic was to project where my mind is at creatively, and to put together a solid record with real content, telling a real story that anybody could relate to no matter what their mood is. It’s got a pretty laid-back feel to it for the most part, something you can just sit back and enjoy.”

Q: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

A: “Everybody would love and respect each other and our planet.”

Q: When was the last time you felt inspired?

A: “Every day. There is always something inspiring me, whether it is physical art, music, people, conversations, and the weather outside, anything. I love to draw inspiration from everything around me.”

Q: How does music impact your daily life?

A: “It runs my life. It’s my fuel. If I’m not listening to something or creating it, I’m thinking about it– not just my music, but all kinds. I love almost all genres and I have an unlimited amount of respect for anybody who can create any type of music and tell their story like that.”

Q: What is the most difficult thing that you’ve had to endure?

A: “In the big picture, moving out to Vancouver and figuring out how to live on my own. The past four years have been a very large learning experience for me as Devan, and as Tyler Skyy. In the small picture, my most recent heart surgery wasn’t a ton of fun.”

Q: What made you decide to team up with Ronald McDonald House charities on your single Smiling?

A: “I’m familiar with the amazing work they do with B.C. Children’s Hospital. As a kid, I had four open-heart surgeries at the children’s hospital. It was my way of giving a little back where I could, spreading some love to wonderful people who may have needed a little extra.”

Q: If you could create a national holiday, what would it be?

A: “National Love Everything Day. Something that has to do with appreciating everything in your life and the planet we live on. Everybody would spend the day outside exploring and making memories with the people they love.”

Q: What would you do if you weren’t making music?

A: “I’ve always wanted to do some sort of social work, helping people who need it. I have actually thought about becoming a social worker.”

Q: Finally, one of the most important questions of all…cats or dogs?

A: “That’s a tough one… I have both and they’re all so great. If I had to pick one though, dogs. My pup Charlie brings me so much happiness.”

Aniko Forgo is a Kalamalka Secondary school graduate and music fan.