Global ed students have a heart for Nicaragua

In April 2010, the Fulton secondary school Global Education class visited Petacaltepe, a village of about 700 people in one of the poorest areas of Nicaragua, to help build crop storage facilities.

The students noticed that the village well, which was located by the communal outhouse, was being contaminated and the water was undrinkable. Since then the villagers have had to make a trek along a steep, windy, rocky road to get clean water. Inspired by the previous year’s Global Ed students, they decided to raise money for a well for the village.

“We are determined to make a difference for this community and raise enough funds to build a new well inside of their village. The cost to make such a significant difference to the daily lives of the residents of this village is $9,000. We have until June 2011 to raise all of these funds. We have currently risen to date $2,000,” said Tesia Wilson, who is working on the project with Allie Hoffman and Michelle Epp, also in last year’s Global Education Program.

Global Education is a full semester 16-credit Grade 11 program focused on active citizenship. A significant proportion of the program is spent outside of the classroom.  Students participate in a range of activities aimed at making a positive contribution to a variety of communities, local and international. The program includes several weeks of field study in Nicaragua, the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere, and is an opportunity to gain a global perspective combining local and global activities.

Students are expected to complete all requirements for English 11, Civics 11, Independent Directed Studies 12 and Global Education 12.

To help with their project, the students will hold a fundraiser Monday at 6 p.m. at the Vernon Alliance Church. There will be a dessert bar, silent auction and entertainment by local artists Modern Folk, Morgan Hillis, Tyler Young, Lorelle Kjarsgaard, and Bob Oldfield and Dave Moore of The Greeks. All proceeds will go directly to the Petacaltepe well project. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. For more information call 250-306-6323.