Sylvia Michaluk in the Overnight Room for families at Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Sylvia Michaluk in the Overnight Room for families at Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Good neighbours at the ‘Cove’

Desert Cove Homeowners' Association raises money to support Overnight Room at Vernon Jubilee Hospital

As a member of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Tower of Care Campaign, Sylvia Michaluk knew there was a lot to be done in the new building.

She went back to the Desert Cove Homeowners’ Association with the idea that they could raise funds to buy lifts for the new wards.

“I have a soft spot in my heart for the hospital and many of our neighbours here have been in the hospital and the intensive care unit,” said Michaluk, also a VJH Foundation board member for 10 years.

It took three years and a lot of good ideas but the residents kept busy and raised more than $42,000 to support an Overnight Room near the intensive care/cardiac care unit. The room has a sofa that makes into a bed, TV, and is located near a washroom.

“The room was designed to meet the needs of someone whose loved one is critically ill and who doesn’t want to leave the hospital or who is from out of town and wants to stay near,” said VJH Foundation executive director Sue Beaudry.

The Desert Cove Residents put on variety shows, sold cookies and one resident made cards with local photos.

“People were interested in finding out what was going on at the hospital and helping out. We challenged other gated communities to donate but only Parker Cove came through. We’re really happy to see the room and know that it has already been used. We were also able to purchase four lifts,” said Michaluk.