Vibrant colour swirls around Mary Stebbins at the Golden Temple

Vibrant colour swirls around Mary Stebbins at the Golden Temple

Grannies offer ‘trips’ around the world

Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon - South Africa Connection present annual travelogue presentations starting Jan. 24

Susan Fenner

Special to The Morning Star

Following three highly successful seasons of travelogue presentations, Grannies à Gogo is set to present their impressive 2014 season of four all-new destinations. Travelogue #17 is “Epic High Arctic” on Jan. 24. Travelogue #18 is “India: Brimming with Life” on Jan. 31. All the PowerPoint presentations are scheduled for 10 a.m. at the People Place, downstairs in room 006.

Ann Davis launches this series with an adventurous voyage through the awe-inspiring landscape, “like sailing past 100 Lawren Harris paintings,” she says of the Canadian Arctic and Western Greenland.

Along the way she saw historical sites of early Arctic expeditions such as the only graves from the Franklin Expedition of the mid-1800s, and visited small communities. The Inuit guides enriched her experience with authentic ceremony and commentary on magnificent landscape, flora and wildlife sightings.

The season’s second travelogue sees Mary Stebbins headed off on a seven-week journey of India with some trepidation. What she found was a land of exceptionally rich history, culture and humanity; a land of great diversity and contrasts.

She found beauty and ugliness as she wandered the markets where dazzling arrangements of fruit, vegetables, spices and nuts were in the midst of garbage-strewn streets. She experienced joy and sorrow; was befriended and scammed. Whatever the experience, she was not left unmoved. India was truly a feast of the senses from the jungle-clad waterways of the south, to the deserts of Rajasthan, into the Himalayan foothills of the north.

Join us as we travel the Arctic and India! All presentations will be held at the People Place, 3402-27th Ave., lower level, at 10 a.m. Admission is $5 per travelogue payable at the door. Stay tuned for more details about the next two travelogues on China (Feb. 7) and Russia (Feb. 14). For more information about Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon – South Africa Connection, go to or e-mail

Susan Fenner is publicity rep for  Grannies à Gogo: the Vernon – South Africa Connection.