Comfort Dolls and quilts have been created by members of After 7 Sew n’ Sews Quilt Group

Comfort Dolls and quilts have been created by members of After 7 Sew n’ Sews Quilt Group

Grannies send comfort to South Africa

Beverley Barling explains the latest project for Grannies a Gogo: the Vernon-South Africa Connection.

  • Feb. 29, 2012 7:00 p.m.

During January, a number of local women have been busy working on a project to assist less fortunate grandmothers in Kenya.

Hoping to be part of a group called Agape in Action, which is planning a mission trip in March to finish building a high school and working with grandmothers, I was disappointed to find that I could not go at this time.

I had received a short film showing the plight of some of the grandmothers in Kenya and the poor sleeping conditions they have. Dirty, torn two-inch pieces of foam on a small wooden bed, could support a gogo (grandmother in Africa) and sometimes one of more of her grandchildren. Thin, torn blankets were sometimes visible.

It seemed a good idea to make some quilts to send with the team and I set about asking my quilt group and others if this was a feasible idea. Sowing this seed made me realize what  a wonderful community we have.

Earlier last month, I was able to send 19 quilts and 10 little Comfort Dolls in a box kindly donated by UPS, to Ontario. Once they arrive there, they will be taken by the team members to a small village in Kenya.

The most special part of this project was that members of the After 7 Sew n’ Sews Quilt Group, Grannies à Gogo, the Upper Room Mission and other friends, kindly donated their time, abilities and sewing supplies to make this all happen. It felt very much like times long ago when women got together and worked on one quilt, while visiting with each other. It’s a great way to spend a wintery morning or evening in Vernon.

Thanks to all who made this idea become a reality.

Beverley Barling is with Grannies à  Gogo: the Vernon-South Africa Connection.