Emma Sanderson (left)

Emma Sanderson (left)

Halina crafters knit hats for soldiers

The Halina Centre Crafts Group is doing its part to help Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan be as comfortable as possible.

“Last fall, we had a request from a member whose friend had knitted the camo hats and sent them to her son who was serving in Afghanistan and she wondered if we could do some,” said Pat Dekergommaeux, who organized the project.

When the soldiers are wearing helmets in hot weather, it can be very uncomfortable and the hats, essentially good old Canadian toques, made of camouflage wool yarn, absorb sweat.

“We took the cause on and everyone who could knit or crochet made the helmet liner hats. We made 75 of them,” said Dekergommeaux.

“I don’t know anyone in the services but doing this has made the war seem more real to me, that there are Canadians there. We were all happy that we could help in this way.”

The crafts group members also wrote cards to the soldiers and tied them with a yellow ribbon in the hopes the men and women will come home safely.

The hats will be taken to the B.C. Dragoons, which will see that they are forwarded to Afghanistan.