Joice M. Hall’s oil on canvas

Joice M. Hall’s oil on canvas

Headbones celebrates Okanagan magic

Headbones Gallery presents OK Thaumaturgy AKA Okanagan Wonders, opening Thursday and featuring a wide range of artists

Headbones Gallery has assembled works for its annual definitive exhibition that focuses on exceptional output from the Okanagan, OK Thaumaturgy AKA Okanagan Wonders.

“We often associate great art with the big city but we have giants here in the Okanagan,” said Headbones owner Julie Oakes. “It’s as if the combination of sun, water, the great outdoors and the headspace of artists meet on another plane to create works above and beyond the specifications of locale.

“There may, as in Joice M. Hall’s  or Ann Kipling’s landscapes, be reference to actual Okanagan places, but regardless of subject matter, the results brought forth from the creative process of artists in proximity is wonderful.”

From the large colour field painting of Heidi Thompson to the self portrait of Glenn Clark in his studio as a nude model poses upon a stand, the styles are wide-ranging.

“The high consistency of execution, authenticity and individual vision particular to each work is the resulting magic,” said Oakes.

Collins English Dictionary defines thaumaturgy as the performance of miracles or magic.

“Many specific spells have been cast by this collection of magicians and although an oft used metaphor, wonder stands in for the works included in OK Thaumaturgy, AKA Okanagan Wonders.  OK Thaumaturgy is an occasion to enjoy a great bewitching.”

In order to include artists from throughout the Okanagan and Shuswap — such as Steve Mennie from Salmon Arm and Glenn Clark from Penticton — Headbones’ inclusive boundaries stretch out.

During the run of the exhibition, on Sept. 15, Patricia Ainslie (curator emeritus of the Glenbow Museum, Calgary) will launch her book Okanagan Artists in their Studios.

Headbones Gallery’s slate widens this year to include all of the artists that are featured in the book, so that OK Thaumaturgy will be presenting a large painting by Bryan Ryley, introducing works by Gary Pearson and showing a substantial and original work on paper by Daphne Odjig.

As well, Headbones will feature works by the artists from Okanagan Artists in their Studios who were a part of Okanaganise, Okanaganeyes Okanaganwise in 2011 and Okanicon Iconagan in 2012: David Alexander, John Hall, Joice M. Hall, Jock Hildebrand Ann Kipling. Briar Craig, Fern Helfand and Jim Kalnin have had solo exhibitions at Headbones. Oakes is also featured in Okanagan Artists in their Studios

Also showing in OK Thaumaturgy, AKA Okanagan Wonders are Doug Alcock, Amar from Afar, Katie Brennan, Carin Covin, Robert Dymytruk, Jen Dyck, Leonard Epp, Diane Feught, Johann Feught, Angelika Jaeger, Byron Johnston, Oakes, Gary Pearson, Alistair Rance, and David Wilson.

OK Thaumaturgy runs Aug. 15 to Sept. 22, with opening reception Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.; admission is free. Headbones Gallery is at 6700 Old Kamloops Rd., Vernon, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. For more information, call 250-542-8987, see or e-mail to