Help is available for learning disabilities

Help is available for learning disabilities

Vernon chapter of the Learning Disabilities Association of B.C. provides a wide range of services

From lending out books, to providing support to families, the Vernon chapter of the Learning Disabilities Association of B.C. offers a wide range of services.

October is Learning Disabilities Month, but the chapter is busy all year living up to its mission statement: to advance the education, employment, social development, legal rights and general well-being of people with learning disabilities.

According to the LDA: people with learning disabilities have average to above average intelligence, and often excel in their chosen fields; those with learning disabilities can and do learn, just differently; early identification and intervention reduce the risk of school failure to less than five per cent; an educational psychology assessment of a person with a learning disability helps them to discover the method of learning which will work best for them.

In order to assist people with learning disabilities, the LDA researches and maintains current and relevant information regarding learning disabilities and provides members with monthly newsletters discussing learning difficulties including strategies for parents.

It connects families who need support to local professionals. It distributes current information to professionals and families. It works with other community resources, including schools, colleges, employment agencies and the literacy centre.

The LDA provides tutoring to children in public and independent schools, and currently provides tutoring to 10 students aged nine to 16 years and has three qualified tutors who are working with those students. Generous support from the community makes it possible for us to offer access to our tutoring program at no cost to parents.

As well, the LDA makes students and parents aware of the technology that will enable them to enhance their learning and improve skills. Some of our students now use Voice to Text, an application which enables them to speak to the computer and have it write down their words. For some students with a particular set of learning disabilities, this might be their first opportunity to see their thoughts expressed in printed form, and to know that they don’t have to worry about the errors they might be making.

The Vernon chapter is lucky to have excellent community support. We are really grateful to VantageOne, the Foord Family Foundation, Silver Star Rotary, the Book Warehouse, BC Gaming Grants and many others for the continuing assistance we receive and which makes our programs possible.

For more information about the Vernon chapter of the LDABC, please call 250-542-5033 or email We are open Tuesdays from noon to 2 p.m., but appointments can be made for other times.