IN THE GARDEN: It’s one tough plant

  • Mar. 23, 2011 1:00 p.m.

It is now time to start deciding what we will plant this season. If you need a real tough and grow-anywhere plant, I suggest you try Garzania. It is a real tough number that will take hot sun and semi-shade, but it does need water. It seems to be free from insect infestation.

If you are looking for a plant that has good fragrance, try growing some sweet-scented stocks. The name you will find it under is matthioli. Be sure you get the right one, there are several varieties that are not scented. They should be planted in semi-shade. They send out aroma at sundown. They like some plant food such as Alaska Fish Fertilizer. There is an old stand-by that is worth planting and that is nicotiana, commonly called tobacco plant. Another unusual and very attractive plant is called schizanthus or poor man’s orchid. This is another plant that does not attract insect infestation.

Okanagan Gardens and Roses will be working on the Hospice House Rose Garden on March 26. The winter damage is quite noticeable and a very heavy pruning will be necessary. The next club meeting will be April 11 at 7:30 p.m. at The Schubert Centre. If you are a newcomer to the area drop in as a visitor, you are always welcome.

Fred Lyall is The Morning Star’s gardening columnist.