Indie filmmaker seeks battle location

Battlefield is required for independent full-length, sci-fi feature film to be shot in the North Okanagan.

Brian Taylor is used to giving his opinion about the latest movie as a film critic for The Morning Star. However, besides sitting in a dark theatre to watch the latest flick, he is also out there in the field as an independent filmmaker, and his latest project is becoming quite the battle.

“Making a film is never easy, but making a no-budget film is even harder,” said Taylor, whose film production company, En Queue Film, is an all-volunteer unit.

Taylor is attempting to make a full-length, sci-fi battle feature film entitled Battle at Beaver Creek. The film has been in pre-production for nearly a year as he and his team have yet to find an appropriate battlefield location.

“We have had a few places that came close to being adequate. We hope that someone in the area will come forward and will call in with a lead on the perfect place,” he said.

Required for the battlefield is a clearing of at least a few acres that could be grass, dirt, rocky, smooth, or torn up, with a hill or cliff, or some other high point located nearby, that looks down onto the clearing. A forested area in the vicinity is also required.

“It doesn’t have to be dense, but should provide enough cover for our soldiers to run in and out,” said Taylor, who with his crew has been searching for such a place, from Lumby, to Enderby, to Falkland, for almost a year.

“I’m hoping some farmer or rancher has a corner of his property he can lend for a few days.”

If anyone knows of such a location, contact Taylor at 250-503-1629 or email

Also, if anyone is interested in being in, or helping make the movie, cast and crew is still needed. Go to for information. (An artist’s rendering of the site can also be found on the website.)