Al Szeliga

Al Szeliga

It’s back to the music

The Vernon Community Music School begins phase one of its upgrades

With the new foundation poured and set, the Vernon Community Music School can get back to what it does best, music.

The final pour to the basement foundation completed phase one of upgrades to the music school March 15.

The Smith house was built in 1908 and the newly completed work to the structure will insure the integrity to the home of the music school for another 100 years or longer.

“This completion of this project gives us more certainty in the building and we can go back to the day-to-day business of the music school and stop focusing on the fundraising and worrying about the facility,” says Al Szeliga, president of the Vernon Community Music School.

The restoration has been a team effort between longtime general contractor Pete Pasechnik and engineer Rene Bourcet.

With a large chunk of the project behind them, there is still some work to be done. The outer wings of the foundation and the exterior wooden porches and verandas are next on the list for revitalization.

The Vernon Community Music School wants to thank the community for all its support and fundraising efforts that made this project possible.