Carol Marks (left)

Carol Marks (left)

It’s fun, friendship and great hats

The Crown Jewels of Canada Society welcomes women to get together for fun activities, sharing laughter and friendship

The Crown Jewels of Canada Society brings women together to wear their best bling and have fun doing everything from lunch to knitting and car rallies.

“Ladies want to have fun. We’ve worked. Now it’s time for us to play,” said Sue Schierer, B.C. provincial representative.

The society was founded by Lynda Millard and a number of other women in Kelowna in 2009 and has spread across the country to have almost 6,000 members. There are  10 chapters with 171 members in the Vernon area.

“Different members plan the activities for each month and it’s a surprise what they come up with,” said Carol Marks, founder of the first chapter in Vernon.

“We do things like hiking, picnics, pot lucks, reading groups, boating, whatever the members like. One time, we had a trip to Armstrong for breakfast at The Brown Derby and some shopping. The visit to the Kangaroo Farm in Lake Country was one of the most popular things we did. It’s all about socializing together.”

Members can also choose to go farther afield with conventions, cruises or even a birthday weekend in Las Vegas.

The Crown Jewels have four simple rules: wear white and red or white and purple; wear something on the head; pay membership dues on time; and, most important, have fun.

“You can join an existing chapter, visit a couple of times to see how you like it, or start one with your friends. It’s easy and we’ll help you,” said Schierer.

“The members say they appreciate it so much having something they can get out to. It’s a sisterhood. We help each other with things like giving someone a ride or visiting them in the hospital. It’s a big part of who we are.”

Marks said it’s all about getting women together and laughing and she was very moved when one member told her, “This is the best thing that ever happened to me. This has made my life so much better.”

Members have access to a private website with information about events.

For more information about the Crown Jewels of Canada Society (a non-profit society), call Schierer at 250-938-4712 or see the group’s Web site at