Kelowna glam rockers the Sugar Coated Killers

Kelowna glam rockers the Sugar Coated Killers

It’s more than just makeup for these boys

The Morning Star recently asked a few questions of glam rock band, The Sugar Coated Killers, who play Vernon's Elk's Hall Saturday. This is the full version of that interview.

Ziggy’s not the only one who played guitar.

Hailing from a galaxy far, far away, well actually Kelowna, is a group of glamorous rockers known as the Sugar Coated Killers. Some would say they are descendants from the Spider from Mars, but these boys have their own style, and probably wear more makeup than your momma.

The Morning Star recently asked a few questions of the boys, who are coming to a space station near you, that being Vernon, when they play at the Elk’s Hall Saturday night with special guests Mos Eisley, Riaz Virani and Shannon Hillbom.

This 19-plus event is for those who like to rock on the naughtier side. You’ve been warned.

Morning Star: First, I’d love to know where your stage name comes from? Are you a sci-fi fan? a Comic-Con regular? Or emulating the Thin White Duke himself in a Ziggy Stardust kinda way?

Sevli Atlantis Android (vocalist of SCK): When I was a baby, David Lee Roth came down from outer space, floated above my crib and softly whispered my new galactic birth name into my sweet baby ears.

Yes, I’m a big sci-fi fan. Along with glitter and flash of glam music, it’s a huge influence within the band’s names, lyrics, and stage show. Movies such as Clockwork Orange, Barbarella, Rocky Horror Picture show and TV’s Twilight Zone all influenced what this band is and means to mankind. Bowie is my main man…

Apollo Candylips (bass player of SCK): Wanna taste my lips? They’re sweet as candy.

MS: Glam rock seems to have seen a resurgence lately with bands like The Darkness, and talks of the original KISS members getting back together (don’t think it’s gonna happen from the sounds of it.) What was your band’s reason for indulging in the genre? The makeup? The sound? The girls? All of the above?

Adam Sexx (drummer of SCK): Glam rock represents a time when rock music was exciting. We are here to entertain the audience. Our show is very visual and that’s a staple of glam rock. The makeup, the sound, and the girls are all just exciting elements that make glam rock what it is.

Apollo Candylips: Whether it’s popular at the moment or not, glam rock is just what we do. I think people are starting to realize that it’s more fun to watch a band that’s having fun on stage and putting on a show than one that has too much “dignity” to dress up or dance on stage… Do you think we care about dignity? I’m playing the bass between my legs with my tongue! I think it’s safe to say we checked our dignity at the door…

Sevli Android: It’s the only way I know how to perform, flashy and hot.

MS: In referencing your influences, and because I am a product of the ‘70s/’80, I was wondering if you were at influenced more by acts/bands like David Bowie and the New York Dolls, or would you say you’re more in the realm of Guns ‘n’ Roses/Poison?

Sevli Android: We take a bit from both eras of glam rock, mixing those delicious elements into one candy-apple package.

Adam Sexx: We are influenced by lots of different styles of music and we look up to all of those bands. Anything with substance, style and passion is interesting to us.

Apollo Candylips: Definitely any theatrical, makeup-wearing, high-energy rock band – KISS, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, New York Dolls, Poison, Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson, and Neil Young all come to mind

MS: Speaking of makeup, what kind of looks do you get when you’re in Shopper’s, or wherever, buying the guy-liner, and lipstick, or do you get your girlfriends/sisters to purchase it for you? Be honest now.

Adam Sexx: In Kelowna, lots of bearded guys with short haircuts laugh at us when they see us wearing makeup, but the laughter turns to crying when they realize we’re sleeping with their girlfriends.

Sevli Android: Yes, we get the looks, but that’s what shock rock’s all about. We carry the make-up in an Incredible Hulk metal lunch box –– it adds a little power to our glitter.

MS: Are all the “killers” from Kelowna? How did you meet and form the band?

Adam Sexx: The Sugar Coated Killers were developed by a scientist in Los Angeles. He took a pair of used panties from a dumpster behind the Whiskey a Go-go and soaked them in vodka, then waved a magic wand and the Sugar Coated Killers were born. He shipped them to Kelowna, B.C. because he didn’t want to deal with their debauchery.

Sevli Android: Yes that’s it…

Apollo Candylips: I heard the panties belonged to Donny Osmond…

MS: I imagine your live show has some smoke and fire (well at least as much as bylaws allow for pyrotechnics these days). What can the Vernon crowd expect?

Sevli Android: Sexy stage moves, David Lee Roth kicks, swishing buttocks, and powerful glam rock music that will inject a taste of glitter into your dreams.

Adam Sexx: We don’t need smoke and fire to make our show hot and exciting. There’s lots to look at. The Vernon crowd can expect a hot, visual rock n’ roll show! High energy, low IQ.

Apollo Candylips: Is there a bylaw against red-hot fiery sexuality on stage? If so, I think we might be in trouble…

MS: You’ve mentioned you have a new album coming out…  When’s the release, and what’ll be on it, in a nutshell?

Apollo Candylips:  It’s going to be produced by a red-hot producer named Curt Reimer (actually the band’s other guitarist who goes by the name DK Klaver). Expect old-fashioned sci-fi punk rock from outer space… That’s the only way I can describe it.

Sevli Android: We will be releasing an EP of original music tentatively titled Spider Eggs Rehatched later this year. There is no exact release date yet.

MS: Finally, what’s next in the world plan for the band?

Sevli Android : Touring outer space.

Adam Sexx: After we take over Vernon, the rest of the world is next. We’re just here to give you an exciting rock ‘n’ roll show, something that’s very rare these days.

Apollo Candylips: Your sister – we met her at the makeup counter

The Silver Coated Killers and guests take the stage at the Elk’s Hall, 3101 30th St., Saturday. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is $7 at the door.