Lance Davison picks the ripe yellow baby watermelon at Davison Orchards

Lance Davison picks the ripe yellow baby watermelon at Davison Orchards

It’s watermelon time at the farm

At Davison Orchards it's all about watermelon this weekend, as the farm hosts the Watermelon Festival Aug. 16

Morning Star Staff

Davison Orchards, well- known for its fun and family- friendly special events is trying something new this summer with the first (and possibly annual) Watermelon Festival taking place Saturday.

The line-up of activities offers fun and excitement for the whole family. A Watermelon Seed Spitting Competition kicks things off at 11 a.m. followed by a Watermelon Eating Competition at 1:30 p.m. Both activities will be fun-focused with a kids and adults category and great prizes for both.

The farm will be adding a twist to the regularly scheduled Orchard Tours, with a focus on watermelon.

“We have thousands of pounds of vine-ripened watermelons,” said Lance Davison. “The intense heat has sped up the harvest and produced sweet and juicy watermelons, cantaloupe, and Galia melons.”

Davison is looking forward to taking his guests into the orchard for a watermelon tour.

“It’s a unique opportunity to see how the food is grown as well as watermelons almost falling off the vine ready to be picked,” he said.

Tours run from 10 a.m. to  4 p.m.

The Watermelon Festival is a great way to enjoy all the samples of cantaloupe, Galia, red watermelon and yellow baby watermelon. The farm is also featuring some specialty watermelon treats for the weekend including a watermelon slush, watermelon fudge, watermelon ice cream and a watermelon tart.

“Davison Orchards is an exciting venue for all ages on any given day and the Watermelon Festival adds extra energy, great prices and a refreshing treat.”

Davison Orchards is at 3111 Davison Rd., off Bella Vista Road in Vernon.

For more information, you can check out or call 250-549-3266.


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