Journey towards success

For Sam Plovie, reaching her goal has been a team effort

Feng shui practitioner Sam Plovie (front) credits her teachers for her success: tai chi master Howard Ketola and feng shui master Teresa Hwang.

Feng shui practitioner Sam Plovie (front) credits her teachers for her success: tai chi master Howard Ketola and feng shui master Teresa Hwang.

When Sam Plovie told her husband she thought she’d like to learn about feng shui, little did she know that she was about to embark on a journey that would take her to her current position as a senior practitioner of the ancient Chinese art.

But she said without the people supporting her on the journey, she would not be where she is.

“I am successful because of who my teachers are,” said Plovie, who runs Chi Solutions.

Two of those people are Teresa Hwang and Howard Ketola, both based in Vernon. Hwang is a world-class master and lecturer with the Feng Shui Research Centre. Sifu (master) Ketola runs Chung Yan Man’s Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan School in Vernon.

“I want to let Vernon know that is has these amazing masters right here in its own back garden,” said Plovie. “They deserve to be highlighted and honoured, for they have truly walked a long path, and have learned well from masters themselves and now give so freely to others.

“Teresa mentored me personally and I thank her eternally for that: I owe her everything. People don’t understand the level that Howard and Teresa have — and real masters don’t use the title, they are unassuming and quiet; when the student is ready the master appears.”

Plovie connected with Ketola after seeing his ad for classes.

“We just connected and I knew. I had to slow down, and he was able to do that. From the first time we met, I knew I was to be his student, and understand only too well his influence on my success. Howard’s calm influence and yet precise martial art training is exactly what I have needed to engage the mental discipline I need in my work.

“It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to be successful. My teachers have guided my path so well, and provided me with the solid foundation I now have in my personal life and business life. I am successful because of Vernon and want to thank the community for what it has done for me. I believe that the family is the heart of the community, and the community is at the heart of the family.”

And Plovie gives credit to her husband, Rick, for his support and to their two children, Mackenzie and Spencer, for the energy, love and joy they bring to her life.

“No matter what teachers I’ve had, none compare to the support of the man behind me,” she said. “He is the silent rock that I can lean on, the solid foundation that I can stand upon and he is always there, behind the scenes, waiting for me.

“He is the main secret behind my success: the provider of millions of cups of tea, the sounding board, the late night chef when I forgot to eat, you name it, he did it, he is always there for me.”

Plovie and her family moved to the North Okanagan 12 years ago and in the three years since she has been a feng shui and Chinese astrology practitioner, she has built up an extensive client list, who contact her for any number of reasons.

“When I am hired, it does not mean the business is going bankrupt, or the marriage crumbling; it means the people recognize there is untapped potential, and they want to harness that.”

From reading Feng Shui for Dummies, to getting up the nerve to ask Hwang out for coffee so she could learn more, to actually studying the ancient art of feng shui, it’s been a fast ride for Plovie, from student to senior practitioner and lecturer. Next stop is master, but she said it’s time to slow down.

“I worked hard for this to get to the level I’m at, but now it’s time for me to stand still, to slow down. We can’t rush Chinese metaphysics.”

Plovie brings a sense of humour to her work, but she said she takes what she does very seriously.

“I work with corporations and individuals to bring better health, wealth and happiness into their lives,” she said. “In a nutshell, I uncover the root of their issues, and help them understand the changes they should make to improve their lives. It’s all about self-awareness and supporting people to be the best they can be.”

Plovie founded Chi Solutions in 2010, the same year she completed her studies from the Feng Shui Research Centre in Toronto. She practises Xuan Kong Fei Xing, which translates to Flying Star Feng Shui and incorporates time and space in its analysis. As well, she is trained in the art of BaZi, the Four Pillars of Destiny known as Chinese Astrology.

Plovie gives credit, also, to a fourth person, Master Joseph Yu, the founder of the Feng Shui Research Centre in Toronto, who created the school that teaches true classic feng shui.

“He teaches us to think, teaches us to question and is accepting of all cultures and views. I have moved very fast inside his school and now it is time to stand still, and gather my thoughts and build upon them.”