Kill Matilda’s Marcus Luk (drums)

Kill Matilda’s Marcus Luk (drums)

Kill Matilda ready for the Ides of March

Thursday’s show at the Green supports Armstrong Metalfest 2014

The flesh-eating zombies of The Walking Dead may want to think again before taking a chomp out of Vancouver female-fronted punk band Kill Matilda.

They are tough cookies, as events have proven in the past year.

About to take the stage as part of the Ides of March Metal Festival at The Green in the Village Green Hotel on Thursday, Kill Matilda is charged again with the task of clearing the nation of a spreading zombie epidemic after a life-or- death encounter for bassist Mykel Exner, who was diagnosed with a tumor in his carotid artery.

After successful surgery and recovery, his wife and bandmate, lead singer/guitarist Dusty Exner, experienced an ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo implants outside the uterine cavity.

She   had to undergo surgery for internal bleeding and doctors were unable to save her baby.

However, the loss didn’t stop the singer for long, who stated around the incident, “I have a guitar, I have a microphone. One week out of my hospital bed, I will meet you onstage.”

That statement has come to fruition as Exner and the band is gearing up once again to hit the road in promotion of their new release, #punk#zombie#rocknroll.

The six-song EP/re-release features tracks from Kill Matilda’s 2011 full-length album I Want Revenge, with an acoustic rendition of Geisha With A Switchblade, and is the lead-in to a yet-to-be-titled follow-up album produced by producer Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, The Melvins) expected for release in the fall.

“The amazing attention of Garth Richardson! Although this man has produced so many amazing albums and we’re not the only band getting some attention and love, he took the extra steps to personally engineer our new album, which is something he has not done in like 10 years or something. That makes me feel very, very special,” said Exner.

Presented by  West Metal Entertainment, The Ides of March V is a support show for Armstrong Metalfest 2014. The show also features Vancouver’s Terrifier (formerly known as Skull Hammer) and Fatal Instinct, also of Vancouver.

Kill Matilda plays The Green on Thursday. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. There is no cover charge.