Knox bridges generations

Knox Presbyterian Church hires a new children and youth worker to its ministry team

Melanie Baum

Melanie Baum

Knox Presbyterian Church in Vernon is pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the ministry team.

Melanie Baum is from Armstrong, and will be focusing her attention on building a Kids’ Korner and Young Family dimension to the worship life of Knox.

She brings with her experience of working with toddlers and young children in other church settings. It has been many years since Knox has had a regular Sunday School, but Baum finds this challenge an exciting opportunity.

“Since many churches have established programs for children, it can become difficult to change curriculum or direction,” she said. “Here at Knox, I am able to work with the small group of young people currently attending, and, using their input, begin designing a program of education and events that is meaningful for them, and relevant also to the adult worship service.”

Rev. Teresa Charlton, minister at Knox, sees the dynamic of older members and younger children and grandchildren as a unique feature.

“We have the opportunity to build bridges between the generations: the young learning from the wisdom of age, and our youth encouraging our seasoned members to be young at heart,” she said.

Thanks to the forward thinking of church members many years ago, a trust fund directed towards children and education is available for upgrades to the Sunday school rooms and to make use of current technology in the classroom. The Synod of British Columbia, a regional support network of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, is financially supporting this initiative in its beginning stages.

“It is hoped that with time and dedication, Knox will soon be able to offer nursery care, toddler playstations, bible stories and crafts for younger children, and in the future, teen and tween programs,” said Charlton. “We welcome families of all shapes and sizes to come and see what Melanie is up to this Sunday!”