Learn to fish at Kingfisher Interpretive Centre

Fishing brings families together, teaches patience and creates life-long memories

If you are an angler, you will never forget the first fish that you caught.

The details may get foggy as the years pass but that first experience was life-changing.

“Fishing may be considered a lazy sport by some but the benefits received through fishing are numerous,” said Shona Bruce, with the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre. “Fishing brings families together,  teaches patience, relieves stress, teaches you how to focus your mind, gets people outdoors in nature creating life-long memories and fishing can put food on the table (if you choose to keep them).”

Kingfisher invites children 15 and under and their families to a fishing event, offering them an opportunity to create their first fish memory or add to a growing list of experiences.

“This annual event has provided fishing opportunities to hundreds of our local children who may never have had the opportunity elsewhere,” said Bruce.

This year’s Learn to Fish Program takes place July 28 at the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre (25 km east of Enderby on Mabel Lake Road). Local angling experts will be volunteering their time to provide a first-hand fishing experience and an opportunity for instruction on  casting techniques, fish handling practices, fish identification, fly tying and more.

“This unique chance to learn the ins and outs of successful fishing is something you don’t want to miss if you are just learning how to fish or have never had the chance to try,” said Bruce.

If you have your own gear, please bring it with you or if you aren’t sure what kind of gear you will need, loner rods will be offered for use and advice on what to purchase will be available.

“This fun-filled day will also include information about aquatic invaders and an interactive aquatic bug display, providing you the chance to learn how to recognize what our local fish are feeding on.”

The Enderby Lions Club will be barbecuing up a storm and serving food by donation. The event is free and will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Great prizes will be awarded throughout the day, so come early for more chances to win.

For more information, please contact the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre at 250-838-0004.