Life coach helps women achieve their goals

Lynn Moore

Just as the baby boomer generation has created massive changes in society’s norms as it reached various milestones in life’s progression, it continues to do so as women of this generation do not see retirement in the same way as their ancestors.

According to Lynn Moore, creator of Clear Goals Coaching, these women are the front wave of the new retirement.

“This age group and gender will be the most long-lived and in better health than any previous generation and they want to be productive,” she said. “These women have experienced more rapid change, more accumulation of knowledge and more life adjustments than any past generation.

“Their accumulated wisdom is apparent and they want to use it creatively. They see themselves as purposeful for several more decades and are looking for a fulfillment they have not yet experienced.”

Even more than these circumstances, said Moore, women are unwilling to look at their future as one of traditional retirement because they are motivated by a more spiritual need to bring additional contributions to society. They want to leave a legacy of new values through living their life purpose as they assist others to do the same.

Tony Robbins, in his teachings of the Six Basic Human Needs, points out that growth and contribution are the two primary needs in life.

Moore feels that clearly, this group of women is motivated by these two primary needs. Her career as a life coach/mentor teaching her proprietary system of choosing and attaining goals in a new way for a new age, has discovered this desire within most of her mature, female clients.

“I hear them saying, ‘I know there is something out there that I am supposed to do; there is something more for me.’”

It is to this end that Moore was inspired to record a 50-minute mp3 titled Revealed! Six Reasons Why Baby Boomer Women Are the Most Influential Group On The Planet And How To Get Extreme Clarity About Your Most Meaningful And Exciting Years Yet. This recording is a free download on Moore’s website and is intended to give baby boomer women insight into what they are sensing and why, that they are not alone and that they do indeed have a new role in society that is much needed.

Moore created Clear Goals Coaching, an Internet business designed to serve clients across the globe and support her lifestyle as summertime Canadian resident and a Snowbird in the U.S. during winter. She is the author of Inspirational Goaling, creator of How To Get What You Want Every Time a five-CD and Action Book coaching program. She is available for speaking engagements and delivers coaching services to private clients and groups worldwide.

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