Jodi Seery life coach at Shift Life Design Coaching

Jodi Seery life coach at Shift Life Design Coaching

Life coaching meets yoga in workshop

A one-day workshop will help people to turn off the monkey chatter and learn to be in the moment

If you are feeling like your life is moving way too fast and you can’t seem to catch up or regain balance, Lisa Dumas, yoga leader at Arise Yoga, and Jodi Seery life coach at Shift Life Design Coaching, invite you to carve out time for yourself to re-connect to your stillness and learn some effective tools to turning off the inner critic and busy monkey-mind that keeps you from experiencing presence and peace within your body.

The two women have combined their expertise and passions in a one-day workshop called Mind and Body Freedom – A Yoga and Life Coaching Experience this Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Arise Yoga on Kal Lake Road in Vernon.

“Our conditioned response to feeling like we are not accomplishing enough is to try to do more,” said Seery. “The more effective solution is to get still. With stillness comes clarity that so well informs you, you stop wasting time on what is not serving you, creating space to accomplish what does.

“This class is an opportunity to re-connect to your personal GPS system, that inner guidance and clarity that is always whispering and always available. We’re taking this class even further by showing you how to deal with the inner self-judgement, the relentless critic that lives in the track of your mind playing over and over again, derailing you and causing confusion, struggle and strife in your life.”

Dumas will lead participants through gentle poses and guided meditation.

“Our intention is to connect breath, body and brain to create the space for transformation and peace,” she said. “This will be a powerful workshop for those wanting to better experience and navigate their right life with greater clarity and personal freedom.”

Registration is $79 plus tax. Pre-registration is necessary as class size is limited to ensure adequate space and comfort for all participants. Register at