Lion Bear Fox  (Christopher Arruda

Lion Bear Fox (Christopher Arruda

Lion Bear Fox show why they are forces of nature

Spinners Sound Centre brings Christopher Arruda (lion), Cory Woodward (bear) and Ryan McMahon (fox) to play show in Vernon Aug. 17.

The Lion the Bear the Fox took more than 30 years to find each other, but only 30 days for Christopher Arruda (the lion), Cory Woodward (the bear) and Ryan McMahon (the fox) to realize they were meant to join their voices as one.

The three men set out on tour to promote their respective solo efforts in 2012.

While Woodward was gearing up to release a full-length album, Arruda and McMahon were making the trek to keep traction with the audiences they’d built in Western Canada during the previous years.

Over wine, campfires, nights in cheap hotel rooms and woodland cabins an unshakeable bond began to form. They shared stories of their lives, successes and failures in the music industry, and ultimately their dreams of what they hope to accomplish as artists.

Three big voices began to support each other during shows and at the tour’s conclusion, they had a set list worth of material. Something that had come together so naturally, so organically, simply had to be re-visited.

Now, just more than three years later, the Peak Performance Project finalists that began as separate, solo entities, has now evolved into a full-time project for the lion the bear the fox.

“All three artists are known for the passion they bring to their performances and the honest songs they write,” writes Black Press paper The Ladysmith Chronicle, and they have succeeded in creating gripping, dynamic songs while capturing a sincerity rarely heard this side of the 2000s.

By uniting three distinct, equally powerful voices and songwriting approaches, Arruda, Woodward & McMahon have stumbled onto a magic much greater than the sum of its parts.

In 2014, the trio made a successful Toronto debut at Canadian Music Week, and have had the pleasure of playing alongside a wide array of Canadian talent, such as Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson of Blackie & the Rodeo Kings & Junkhouse), Elliott BROOD, & Kim Mitchell.

“One of the joys of a life in radio and music is hearing new artists for the first time and knowing they’ll be around perhaps for a lifetime.  And so…. I say with respect, If you get a chance..check out The Lion, The Bear and The Fox.  A lot of talent on one stage,” said Canadian broadcasting icon and noted wino Terry David Mulligan.

Lion Bear Fox play a special concert at the Vernon Civic Plaza (in front of the museum), hosted by Spinners Sound Centre and sponsored by the Downtown Vernon Association, Wednesday, Aug. 17 from 7-10 p.m.

Admission is free, however, limited tickets are available for VIP reserved seating in front of the stage. Cost is $5, with proceeds going to the Upper Room Mission. Tickets are available at the DVA office in the Sun Valley Mall, Spinners, Teassential, and Midtown Bistro, all on 30th Avenue.