Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson

Little Oak eases the transition

Little Oak Learning Centre is a new preschool that hopes to help little ones to prepare for kindergarten

For young children, kindergarten can be a huge adjustment. The sudden move from free play into a world of routines and rules can be a big change.

To help make this transition easier, Little Oak Learning Centre is starting a new Pre-kindergarten Readiness Program in September.

Children are now attending kindergarten for a full day. By attending a morning pre-school program, children can gradually become used to some structure during part of their day.

Sally Towers, co-leader of Little Oak, said she hopes to bridge the gap between home and school by providing a program where the children have fun through play, and learn at the same time because they will learn better if they enjoy themselves.

“Children learn skills like paying attention, listening, classroom routines, social interaction,  concepts, fine motor skills and pre-writing skills, pre-reading and physical activities,” she said.

Speech and language stimulation occurs during theme-based circle times with use of large print books and action songs.

“We want to give the kids as much backing as we can for the large world of schooling,” said Towers. “If they have not been to a child care program before, this is a great opportunity for your child to start in a comfortable learning environment.”

She added that the location of the school is ideal, having formed a partnership with Pleasant Valley Christian Academy to offer a pre-school program within their school, which currently offers kindergarten to Grade 9.

“The school offers a delightful environment for pre-school children because it has a spacious classroom with natural light, plenty of room to play, a large gym and outdoor field for physical activities,” said Towers. “The children will have the advantage of getting used to a school setting, but because it is a smaller school, it feels welcoming when they start, rather than intimidating.”

Parents who wish to learn more about the program offered by Little Oak Learning Centre are invited to attend an open house on Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. or from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Little Oak is located inside Pleasant Valley Christian Academy at 1802-45th Ave. (entrance off Pleasant Valley Road).

“We would love to meet you and your child.”

For more information, please call Towers at 250-306-7641.